Study Abroad

A stock photo of the Christ Redeemer statue in Brazil. A stock photo of the Christ Redeemer statue in Brazil.
The Latin American Studies Program provides students with the opportunity to study abroad in locations across Latin America and the Caribbean, including full semester programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These programs are led by UM faculty in collaboration with local universities.

We also offer Spring Semester courses with week-long Spring Break travel components in Bocas del Toro, Panama, Havana & Cienfuegos, Cuba, Chiloé, Chile, and Añasco, Puerto Rico. These courses provide students with the opportunity to learn about specific regions in Latin America during the semester, before traveling with a UM instructor to experience the region first-hand.
UBuenos Aires is a study abroad experience for undergraduate students in all disciplines.
Travel course: MES 604/LAS 304: Fieldwork in Coastal Management. 

Travel Course: LAS 302/LAS 603 - The Most Beautiful Land: Travels through Cuba.

Travel Course: Conservation, Tourism, and Development: Fieldwork in Coastal Management

Travel Course: APY502 - Field Experience in Archaeology