Why Study at Miami?

A stock photo of the downtown Miami, Florida skyline. A stock photo of the downtown Miami, Florida skyline.

Study in Miami at Miami

The Latin American Studies program is comprised of a major, a minor, the Fellows in Latin American Studies (FILAS) dual degree (BA/MA) honors program, and several Master of Arts degrees. Combined, these academic tracks give students unparalleled exposure and expertise in the history, cultures, languages, economics, politics, and societies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Over two hundred members of the University of Miami's faculty across numerous colleges and schools work in or on Latin America and the Caribbean in every imaginable field of academic and policy inquiry, from the Fine Arts to Marine Science. This faculty brings incredible depth and breadth to the program and its students.

Miami is Latin American and Latin America is Miami

Nearly half of Miami's residents were born in Latin America or the Caribbean, and many more trace their heritage and ancestry to the region. As such, Miami is unique in the United States, and indeed in the Americas as a whole, for its Latino-Americanidad. In Miami, citizens and residents do not indentify as "Latino" but as Cuban-American, Venezuelan-American, Haitan-American and so on. In Miami, traditional stereotypes fall flat. Often described as the capital of Latin America, our city exists at the heart of the Americas, and is host to business headquarters, non-governmental organizations, and media corporations that target Latin America and the Caribbean.

The University of Miami serves as the academic heart of this great cultural crossroads. There is no better place from which to study Latin America and the Caribbean; in Miami, we study the region both from a distance and from within. Miami offers cultural immersion, diversity, expertise, innovation, and vitality.