Bachelor of Arts – Majors and Minors

Major in Latin American Studies Curriculum (36 Credits)

The Latin American Studies major is designed for students who desire a comprehensive understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean; its history, cultures, languages, economics, politics, and societies. Majors often combine their studies with concentrations in other departments or schools. LAS majors also learn outside of the classroom, through interaction with visiting experts, participation in symposium and conferences, and travel courses. Students are required to attain at least competency in two Latin American languages, and are advised (but not required) to spend at least one semester in Latin America.


  1. Gateway Course in LAS (LAS 101)
  1. Advanced language proficiency in Spanish, French, Portuguese or Haitian Creole: This requirement may be met with SPA203, FRE203, POR202, or HAI201 or equivalent
  1. Secondary language competence in another Latin American or Caribbean language: This requirement may be met with SPA105, FRE105, POR105, HAI102 or equivalent, or by successfully completing a Latin American, Caribbean, or Indigenous language course in the DILS Program.
  1. Two (2) courses in Latin American history
  1. Six (6) courses in classes listed in LAS or cross-listed with LAS, 12 credits of which must be completed at the 300-level or higher (FRE, SPA, or POR 214 may count toward this requirement)
  1. One (1) of the following: LAS 494, LAS 501, LAS 505, LAS 506.