Buenos Aires

A stock photo of Iguazu Falls in South America. A stock photo of Iguazu Falls in South America.
A stock photo of Argentinian yerba mate. A stock photo of Argentinian yerba mate.

UBuenos Aires

About Argentina:

Argentina offers landscapes as diverse as its people, from stunning peaks in the Andes to spectacular beaches, and subtropical forests in the north to polar regions in the south. Students are typically offered two or three excursions throughout the semester: past tours have included Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay), Iguazú Falls, and Tigre. Our partner institution can also pair you up with local cultural activities to match your interests, such as conversation exchange partners, conferences, Argentine culture and food night, tango lessons, and various performances.

About the Program:

Known as the “Paris of Latin America”, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s largest and capital city. Ideal for study abroad, it is a city that has retained its many old, European traditions while emerging as a political, commercial and industrial center of Argentina and the Southern Hemisphere.

UBuenos Aires is a study abroad experience for undergraduate students in all disciplines. Students have the option to earn a Latin American Studies Minor in one semester, or to complete general education or other major/minor requirements while abroad. All courses are taught in Spanish or English at the University of Belgrano, a university well known for its international program.


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