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Meet our Latin American Studies Faculty and Staff

Latin American Studies Program Director

Will Pestle is a bioarchaeologist interested in the reconstruction of the lifeways of the prehistoric peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. In his research, he uses a variety of biogeochemical analytical techniques to study patterns of subsistence, mobility, and environmental interaction in prehistoric human populations.  He is in the sixth year of an international multi-disciplinary effort tracing patterns of exchange and migration in the Formative Period of the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, and is completing a four-year NSF-funded project looking at the lived effects of Tiwanaku influence in Middle Period San Pedro de Atacama. Also, after 12 years of work at the southern Puerto Rican site of Tibes, he is now the director of a regional project focused on human-environment interaction in the southwestern Puerto Rican municipality of Cabo Rojo.