Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

Program Overview

MA student Gabriela De La Torre learns how to make piuta fibers from a Ngobe woman in Panama.

The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies is a 30-credit interdisciplinary degree characterized by a distinct level of flexibility in allowing students to create a course of study focused on Latin American and the Caribbean that serves the unique interests of each student. Combining core courses offered by the program with a large variety of co-listed and cross-listed courses offered by departments, programs, and units throughout the University of Miami, the program offers a tremendous diversity in course selection. We encourage students to combine course offerings from around the university into a cohesive course of study that allows them to specialize in an area, topic, country, theme, or issue of their choosing and thus to tap into the many resources available at the University of Miami for students with a passion for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Costs & Financial Aid

There are a number of financial resources available to UM students, several of which are listed below. We encourage students to begin (but not limit) their search with the following resources:

Applying for Financial Aid

For information on how to apply for financial aid, eligibility, and need determination, students should visit the Graduate School website.

 Tuition and Fee Rates

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