The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies consists of thirty (30) credit hours of study, organized as follows:

  1. The required introductory seminar, LAS601 (3 credits)
  2. The required research design seminar, LAS602 (3 credits)
  3. A disciplinary research methods course (3 credits)
    A research methods course may be chosen from any available and accessible research methods courses available at the University of Miami. However, it must be appropriate to the course of study chosen by the student and requires approval of the degree director.
  4. Two regional fundamentals courses (6 credits)  
    Regional Fundamentals are those courses that have a clear regional or sub-regional focus (e.g. Andean Region; the Caribbean; South America; Central America; Southern Cone; Brazil; South Florida).
  5. Three electives (9 credits)
    Electives may be taken from any pre-approved co-listed, cross-listed, or core LAS courses at the 600-level or above, or with the approval of the degree director.
  6. A thesis (6 credits)
    Students are required to write a master’s thesis, create an equivalent capstone project, or pass a comprehensive exam. The latter two options require the approval of the degree director. For each of these options, a committee consisting of at least three faculty members is required.

Students must demonstrate advanced language competency in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, or French by passing a course taught in the target language at the 600-level or above, or by passing a language competency exam.

We strongly encourage our students to travel in the region, either through faculty-led travel courses offered by our program, or courses offered by other programs and departments at the University of Miami.